Whea Uncorrectable Error Windows 10 [Fixed]

The Whea Uncorrectable Error in Windows 10 is a hardware error produced by the computer system. It is also known as blue-screen error messages or the blue screen of death. The Whea Uncorrectable Error is difficult to troubleshoot and is more cryptic. The main causes for WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR can be the system hardware: 

  • Corrupt Windows system files
  • Corrupt hardware 
  • Some driver compatibility issues 
  • Heat and Voltage issues.  

whea_uncorrectable_error Issue

The Whea Uncorrectable Error message can indicate the nature of the error in the system. The corrupt hardware is said to the damaged hard drives of the system. It also includes the GPU, CPU, and PSU and corrupt RAM. The cause of heat and voltage issues are arising due to overclocking and the voltage changes. The overclocking and voltage issues cause the windows stop code whea uncorrectable error in the system. 

Unfortunately, the solution for every issue is not possible for the problem but it can be fixed through some following ways which can fix Whea Uncorrectable Error in the system.

Whea Uncorrectable Error

Whea Uncorrectable error occurs when all of a sudden the computer system shuts down itself to avoid data loss in the system. At the time of Whea_Uncorrectable_Error, it displays the message of ‘Your Computer System ran into a problem and needs to restart’. The problem becomes so dreadful sometimes that it becomes difficult to access the computer system. It becomes difficult to recover your data from the system that cannot undergo the boot process to fix the issues. 

Whea Uncorrectable error in Windows 10 [Fixed]

The blue screen whea uncorrectable error in the Windows system is a type of blue screen of death (BSoD) error. The main three reasons for this error caused are: 

  • System File Error Type
  • Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) error
  • Hardware’s driver issue 

According to the issue or error caused in the system, there are 3 solutions to fix the issue of BSoD: 

  • Repair Master Boot Record (MBR) and the system file. 
  • Repair BCD error 
  • Fix the hardware’s driver issue. 

The following few repairs can be done to solve the issue of whea Uncorrectable error on the system: 

Solution 1 – Update Windows version to latest updates

Start Menu -> Settings -> Security and Update -> Windows Update -> Option like check for updates. 

The updates can be checked through the above manner and the Windows should be updated to fix the issue of Whea Uncorrectable Error in Windows 10.  

Whea Uncorrectable Error in Windows 10

Solution 2- Select the option of System Restore 

Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Recovery 

Whea Uncorrectable Error in Windows 10

Go to System Recovery -> Next 

Select the previous working state of the system and then go for Next -> Finish. 

Whea Uncorrectable Error in Windows 10

This solution of fixing whea uncorrectable error is advised from Microsoft. This will help to start the computer system properly. 

Solution 3 – The overclocking in BIOS should be disabled 

This troubleshooting process is created by technicians and system professionals to help out and fix whea uncorrectable error in the computer system. 

Reboot the computer system and enter UEFI BIOS (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface Basic Input Output System) 

(The manual of the computer system can be checked to do the process.) 

Then, select the Performance option and go for the overclock option which is given. Now just Disable the overclocking option and restart the computer system.  

fix Whea Uncorrectable Error

Solution 4 – In Safe Mode troubleshoot the driver issues. 

Reboot the system -> Enter the Safe Mode (Press F8 or Shift+F8) 

If it does not work ask the key from your manufacturer.   

Select Troubleshot -> Advanced options -> Startup Settings -> Restart. 

startup settings windows

After that, press Windows key + R in the Safe Mode, then just type devmgmt.msc and press enter key to open the Device Manager of the system.   

The yellow or red marked sign should be updated and finally restart the system to see whether the whea error exists or not.        

Solution 5- The Hardware issues must be checked 

Enter the Safe Mode (Press F8 or Shift+F8) in the system and open the Start Menu, then type chkdsk and press the enter key to run the application on the system. 

This will help to check, fix and repair the disk errors of the computer. 

Generally, a stop code whea uncorrectable error in the system refers to a hardware issue on the computer system such as damaged hard drives or CPU or Ram ETC. 

chkdsk windows 10

Recover Data when the uncorrectable error occurs  

  • A WinPE Bootable Disk can be created 

For this, install any EaseUS software tool which is known as Data Recovery software available on the computer system. Then, WinPE bootable disk should be created of the data recovery software that will help to access the hard drive data of the system without booting into Windows.  

1. Launch bootable data recovery software on the computer system 

2. Select a CD or DVD or USB drive -> Then just click on the Proceed to create a bootable disk. 

create winpe bootable disk

  • Recover the data from crashed Operating System

First of all Connect the WinPE bootable disk that is made with the corrupted or destroyed Windows system and then again restart the computer system. 

Go to BIOS to change the sequence of the boot. Press the F2 key to start the computer system. It will help to run the EaseUS data recovery software and you are able to recover the required computer data.  

After that, Choose the disk to recover data – > Scan -> Preview -> Choose File or Folders -> Recover 

data recovery software

The software will scan the choosen disk to find the required specific files and through preview, the files can be chosen and finally by the recover button, the data will be stored and saved at a safe place. 

A different drive should be selected to avoid the issue of data overwriting in the system. 

Stop code whea uncorrectable error

The issue of stop code WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR  comes when there is some problem with the hardware or with the GPU, CPU, PSU etc.

What causes Whea uncorrectable error Windows 10?

Above are the complete causes of Whea uncorrectable error windows 10.

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