Windows 11 KB5022360 Preview Update Released with 15 Improvements

Windows 11 KB5022360 Preview Update

The Windows 11 22H2 KB5022360 preview cumulative update has been made available by Microsoft. It includes fifteen different improvements or fixes. This update for Windows 11 is included in Microsoft’s monthly “C” update for January 2022. It gives customers the ability to test upcoming improvements that will be released on February 2023 Patch Tuesday.

What’s new in Windows 11 KB5022360

Following the application of the KB5022360 update, the build number of Windows 11 will be updated to 22621.1194, and it will include fifteen different enhancements or bug fixes. This update is mostly a maintenance update that addresses a variety of problems that, when left unchecked, can cause Windows to become unresponsive or prevent some functions from functioning properly.

Windows 11 KB5022360
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  • This version resolves an issue that could manifest itself whenever the Input Method Editor (IME) is operational. When you use both the mouse and the keyboard at the same time, some applications may become unresponsive.
  • This update fixes an issue that could arise when you attempt to convert or reconvert Japanese Kanji utilizing an application that utilizes a multibyte character set (MBCS). When you type, there is a chance that the pointer will travel to the incorrect spot.
  • This update fixes a problem that could prevent you from finding picture files using the search function on the taskbar. Because of this problem, you are unable to open those photographs.
  • This version fixes a problem that prevented you from searching for a file based on the contents of the file, which is now possible.
  • This update resolves an issue that could cause problems for users of certain game controllers. When the game controller is attached to the computer, there is a possibility that the computer will not enter Sleep mode.


It is important to note that KB5022360 is not required because it serves no purpose other than to test the fixes that are being planned for Patch Tuesday in February 2023. Those who are interested can do so by clicking the “Check for Updates” option on the Windows Update page located within Settings.

This will allow them to determine whether or not the preview update is now available. In addition to this location, KB5022360 is also available in the Microsoft Update Catalog, which you may access here.

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