How To Download Zebra Zp505 Driver On Windows 10 PC

If you own a Zebra ZP505 printer then you should keep the Zebra ZP505 drivers up to date. As the outdated and corrupted drivers cause problems in the functioning of the printer. Most users prefer the Zebra ZP505 printer because it is durable, environmentally friendly and simple to use. 

Drivers play a vital role in establishing connections between the devices and your OS. If you want to use the Zebra ZP505 printer efficiently on your PC then you should make sure to update the related drivers. If you also have a Zebra ZP505 printer then you can update the drivers by following the methods we have mentioned in this article. 

This article is specially meant for users who want to download and install the Zebra ZP505 drivers on their PC to avoid errors and proper functioning. You can update the drivers either using a manual or automatic method. In this article, we have listed both ways to update printer drivers. 

Download & Update Zebra ZP505 Driver On Windows PC

Downloading and installing the Zebra ZP505 driver for your Windows PC might differ from Windows 7 to Windows 10. 

1. Download Zebra ZP505 driver using Driver booster

Driver Booster is a free driver updater that can come in handy when you are trying to update your outdated drivers. For the Driver booster to work on your Windows PC, you will need to install it on your device.

Here is what you need to do to download the right version of Zebra ZP505 with the help of the driver booster. In this case, the Zebra ZP505 needs to be already there on your device. Only when you have an old, broken, or corrupt version of Zebra ZP505, can you use Driver Updater to set it right?

1. Download the updated version of the driver booster on your device (Windows 10 or 7).

Download button

2. Once it is downloaded and installed, click on the Search option. 

Driver Booster

3. After you have pressed the Search tab, you can continue your work while the driver booster searches for your outdated, corrupt, or broken drivers and fixes them by replacing them with the right ones.

4. Now choose the Select all option to confirm the installation of all outdated drivers. 

5. After it updates, and then when you have time, go back and check if you have the updated Zebra ZP505 driver on Windows

2. Visit the Zebra official site to Download and Install your Printer Driver

Once you are on the Zebra official site, you must go to the Search tab and type in the name of your printer model, in this case, it will be Zebra ZP505.

  • From the printer support page, press the Driver’s button.
  • Press on the Download tab to complete downloading the Zebra ZP505 driver.
  • Double click on the downloaded file which will next ask your permission to run it on your system.
  • Click on the run tab to complete the installation process.
  • Wait until the installation is complete.

3. Use Device Manager to Download or Update the Zebra ZP505 driver

Zebra official site

The next process of downloading the Zebra ZP505 driver is by using the device manager. Using this way, you can merely uninstall, disable or update the Zebra ZP505 driver on Windows.

  • From your Windows PC, open your device manager and move to the Printer Queues option.
  • Right-click on Printer’s queue and choose the updated driver option to update your driver.

Printer’s queue

  • After your driver is updated, start using it instantly.

driver is updated

4. Download & install the Zebra ZP505 printer on Windows 7 PC, using this manual process

  • Plugin your Zebra printer and turn it on.
  • Use this link to download the Zebra printer in your system.
  • Save the downloaded file in your system, and then run it by following the prompts.

Zebra ZP505 printer

  • After a while, the file will be installed on your device and you’re all set to use it.

file will be installed

If you have to update the Zebra ZP505 driver on Windows, you must uninstall the current file by going to the Programs and Features from your Control Panel

You must then download the Zebra ZP505 driver & re-install the latest version on your device using the process mentioned above.

download Zebra ZP505 driver


If you are planning to download Zebra ZP505 on your system, you can use any of the ways. None of them are very hard and will not require much time. To download the Zebra ZP505 driver, you might still have to linger around your device a bit longer but for updating your Zebra ZP505 driver, you can simply use the Driver Booster method explained at the beginning of the article.


How do I install zebra ZP505?

You can use a driver updater like the Driver booster, or head straight to their website to install the Zebra ZP505. You can as well use the ways mentioned above for downloading and installing the Zebra ZP505 printer software.

How do I install Zebra printer drivers?

Since the driver plays an intermediary role between the software and the hardware, you need to install the printer drivers using the same ways.

How do you use Zebra ZP505?

  • You can use Zebra ZP505 like an everyday desktop labeling application.
  • Use it in medical laboratories, inventory control, e-commerce, and transportation purposes.
  • Using the Zebra ZP505 is easy as it has the direct thermal print method, peel dispenser, and head up a sponsor. It also has a USB and serial interface with an integrated power supply option.
  • One can use it daily and manages carbon footprinting.

All you need to know is the buttons that go alive when you press start, stop, pause, and when you have less or no paper in stock. It also beeps when the ink is about to exhaust, and changing the ink cartridge is as easy as in your ordinary printers.

How do I connect my Zebra label to Windows 10?

To connect the Zebra label to Windows 10, you must follow the below steps.

  1. Your printers and scanners tab will auto-detect the printer.
  2. Put a name to your printer as you desire.
  3. Set your Zebra printer as your default printer to connect it to your Windows 10.

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